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Returnable Industrial Packaging (RIP) makes sense for automotive manufacturers. But, it comes with its own challenges.

Automotive manufacturers lose as much as 10% of their packaging pool each year – thanks to damage, disappearance, and unforeseen bottlenecks. It’s a problem many have been content to ignore, but it’s costing some as much as 24m€ every year in direct loss, overproduction, and overspending on disposable alternatives.

We thought it was time that changed.

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Discover total Returnable Industrial Packaging visibility

There’s a problem with returnable automotive packaging...

The IoT: the 'what', 'why' and 'how'

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Up to a 50% reduction in packaging loss in the first year1

Cut replenishment spend by 24m€ per year1

Zero manual data collection required

It’s time to take total control of your returnable packaging

The returnable automotive packaging loop is leaking. Close it for good with a complete packaging visibility and tracking solution, and unlock the full ROI that Returnable Industrial Packaging was always meant to deliver.

By joining forces with Alps Alpine, Sigfox has created a complete IoT solution that combines robust tracking devices, seamless connectivity and network coverage, and a platform that turns data streams into immediate actionable insights.

Fast, low disruption ‘Rivet & Go’ device deployment
Reliable, ubiquitous indoor, outdoor and in-transit connectivity
One source of truth for actionable information, alerts, and notifications

This is RIP at its best. Are you ready to see what it can really deliver?

Introducing a complete packaging visibility solution 
engineered for the automotive industry 

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Based on modelling for a company with 600,000 packaging units in use

Find out what IoT can do for you and learn how to get started in our guide.

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Find out how to bring clarity to your supply chain and unlock new ROI.

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